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We had an amazing photography session yesterday for a client of mine who is getting started with her own business.  One of the models is an instructor at the Mankato Family YMCA and I have to say, I did not recognize her out of her gym clothes – she was beautiful.  Not that she isn’t when she is kicking my butt at the Mankato YMCA Body Reform class.  🙂  The other model, who is also extremely beautiful, was a little concerned that her belly would show as she is expecting a baby.  I think it just made her that much more beautiful!  Not a lot of people can say they did modeling, that was not for maternity wear, while they were pregnant.  Both of the models did an amazing job!  Thank you!  I also want to say that our third model is actually the creator of the super cute scarves that we are featuring.  She was a little concerned that she wouldn’t photograph well (as most of us are when faced with self portraits), but she also did an amazing job!

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