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is my passion

Photography is my passion, my gift, my artistic outlet, and my job.  I absolutely love sharing this gift with my clients and seeing their reactions to the portraits I am able to create for them.


means the world to me

I believe my husband is the most amazing man on earth and I feel so lucky everyday to be able to call him mine.  Together, we have two amazing children.  Carter is a teenager and is so smart and grounded.  He will do amazing things!  He is one of those children who make parenting look easy. We have a 10 year gap between our two children - yes, 10 years!  Ella is a complete spitfire!   She loves to dance and be the center of attention.  She brings a smile to our faces everyday.  The joy that these two bring to my life brings tears to my eyes.  


a dream come true

These two ponies have the most amazing personalities.  Bubbles, my daughters pony, is the best little pony you will ever meet.  He is as cute as he is sweet with little black dots scattered around his body.  My "pony", Fabio, is the most kind hearted guy you will ever meet.  He is a beautiful Palomino and I'm pretty sure he knows it.  When I need to relax, I head to the barn to see these two.

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