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is my passion

Photography is my passion, my gift, my artistic outlet, and my job.  I absolutely love sharing this gift with my clients and seeing their  reactions to the portraits I am able to create for them.


means the world to me

I believe my husband is the most amazing man on earth and I feel so lucky everyday to be able to call him mine.  Together, we have two amazing children.  Carter is a teenager and is so smart and grounded.  He will do amazing things!  He is one of those children who make parenting look easy. We have a 10 year gap between our two children - yes, 10 years!  Ella is a toddler and is a complete spitfire!   She loves to dance and be the center of attention.  She brings a smile to our faces everyday.  The joy that these two bring to my life brings tears to my eyes.  


was my lifelong dream

I recently fulfilled my lifelong dream of owning a horse and it is as amazing as I always knew it would be.  Since then, both of my children have taken up riding, which led to us buying a pony.  I am so happy to be able to share my love of horses with them.